Monday, April 4, 2011

Eat Your Peas, Mom: Simple Truths and Happy Insights

Eat Your Peas, Mom is a lovely little book, and would make a perfect gift for Mothers Day. Each page has a short but candid quote, and the opposite page remains empty for writing your own letters. The paper used for the pages are thick vellum-like material, which can survive the wear and tear of writing and reading.

My own mother has been an amazing and quiet influence on my life, and I've only begun to realize the full extent of her touch in my life. She is quiet, funny, wise, human, and an amazing cook. She has taken care of four children, and a husband, and has given one child away in marriage, and is preparing to give away her second as well.

This book is a humorous and lovely book that would be a perfect opportunity to thank that mother in your life, both with the words of the author, and your own.

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