Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Max On Life: Answers and Inspiration for Today's Questions

I found this book to be very eye-opening and helpful. Each of the entries is about a page or two long, and each one offers a bit of clear and understandable advice. Topics included relationships, sin, church, work, family, children, Scripture, and other such issues that the new and old Christian wrestle with. I highly recommend this book to anyone who needs a place to start finding answers to the everyday questions, as each points back to a bit of Scripture.

The only con to this book that I can see is the lack of historical awareness, and doctrinal knowledge. I know that Lucado has delt with issues of doctrine before, and I was looking forward to hearing his take on different doctrines that the Church is facing today. But the book is for those who have the basic life-questions, not for those who are looking for deep theological discussion. Both have their place, and I certainly enjoyed the book thoroughly.

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